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Kin's Settlements in the Ukraine- update- Russia to give people land !

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Today's blog is a radical departure from the usual wall of words.  Would you like to join me on a tour to see some places that are already implementing the ideas I have been embracing?

Let's look at Russia.  Previously I mentioned my interest in the Ringing Cedars of Russia.  What this means is a series of books that has become a movement in Russia and elsewhere in the world.

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The big news from Russia THE EARTH NEWSLETTER February 2014 is this.  Our brothers and sisters there have worked from the inside out to lobby their government to effect real change.  They have included their politicians in their plans for a brilliant future.  Also, they have insisted on seeing their elected officials as public servants who represent them.  Here's is what's happening.

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(Paraphrase of copyrighted translation)
Vasily Petrov who authored the "Bill on Kin's Estates of Russia" has included the following provisions.

One hectare of land (minimum) to be provided, gratis, to citizens and families in Russia wishing to participate.  They may pass on the land as inheritance but not sell it.  There is to be no tax on the land, their dwelling or on what they produce on their land.  The government may not seize or appropriate the land for its own purposes.  The people have the right to amalgamate their holdings into village settlements.

What we have here is the next generation of the Magna Carta, 800 years after!  The significance of the above cannot be underestimated.  The bill is due to be formalised in July, 2014.

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